Academic credit for an internship is earned by completing the course requirements set by the course instructor including but not limited to a final paper, student evaluation of the work performed and an internship supervisor evaluation evaluating the work from the student.  For each unit of credit enrolled, the student must complete a minimum of 45 hours of work with the organization, for a typical 3 unit enrollment in an internship course a minimum of 135 hours of work is required.  AREC typically awards internship credit for 3-6 units.  

To view the AREC Internship Routing Process click here.

Earning Academic Credit for an Internship

To earn credit for an internship, a student must do the following prior to the beginning of the internship:

  1. Create a résumé and seek organizations intersted in accepting interns and apply for the position.  Ideally your internship should be in an area that will benefit your future career goals, but this is not a requirement.  Internships for general degree credit can be with any organization for AREC majors.  If you need assistance with this first step, some assistance in your internship search may be found through the CALS Career Center in Forbes 204 and/or the UA Career Services office in SUMC 411.  Assistance with creating a résumé can also be found in both offices above.
  2. Check with your major advisor to discuss enrollment options into either AREC393/493 or CALS393/493 for credit.  Prof. Paul Wilson is the AREC internship course instructor for AREC393/493.  Once you have met with your major advisor and the AREC faculty member you wish to work with as your course instructor, you should email the faculty member to schedule an appointment to review the internship.  Dr. Wilson's email is, to see other AREC faculty profiles and contact info click here.
  3. Identify the nature and scope of the project to be completed. This is to be a discussion between the student and the supervising faculty member.  You will be given guidelines for your work and assignments for the course.  The course is pass/fail and does not calculate into your UA GPA.
    • The AREC Internship Application is available online as a fillable form, meant to be submitted electronically, it can be found here.  This form is required to begin the internship course process.
    • The Student Evaluation Form, which is meant to be completed at the end of the internship, can be found here.  This form is required to earn a final grade in the internship course.

Internship Supervisors:

  1. You may access the Internship Policies & Responsibilities for Internship Supervisors here.  This form is required as part of the internship course prior to the student beginning the internship work with the organization.  This form will be sent to the internship supervisor once the student has submitted the Internship Application and identified the supervisor's name and contact information.
  2. You may access the Internship Supervisor Final Evaluation form here.  This form is required as part of the student's final grade.  This form will be sent via email to the internship supervisor, and it may also be accessed directly from this site.



Internship Supervisors: