CALS Spring 2020 Honors List - Dean's List with Distinction

Saturday, May 16, 2020

CALS recognizes the following students who have made the Honors List for Spring 2020. Click to view the CALS students recognized on the Dean's List for Honorable Mention.

Dean’s List with Distinction

Grace Adamson (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Ethar Al Alshaikh (Nutritional Sciences)
Holly Albrecht (Natural Resources)
Jillian Albrecht (Nutritional Sciences)
Jordan Amparan (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Avery Anderson (Family Studies & Human Development)
Arveen Asghar (Nutritional Sciences)
Paige Babcock (Animal Sciences)
Tianna Balazs (Nutrition and Food Systems)
Madison Barker (Nutritional Sciences)
Gaetano Barnes (Veterinary Science)
Savannah Bartilomo (Nutritional Sciences)
Madison Bates (Veterinary Science)
Jessica Bauer (Family Studies & Human Development)
Amber Beeney (Veterinary Science)
Meryl Berman (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Kayleigh Berthiaume (Microbiology)
Shaan Bhullar (Microbiology)
Zachary Biegel (Nutrition and Food Systems)
Madison Bigham (Natural Resources)
Zoe Bitsie (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Anne-Laure Blanche (Natural Resources)
Bailey Bowles (Microbiology)
Lauren Boyer (Nutritional Sciences)
Alyssa Bozich (Nutritional Sciences)
Robin Bradley (Plant Sciences)
Hannah Briand (Natural Resources)
Samantha Brittain (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Bailey Brock (Environmental Sciences)
Hailey Bruce (Family Studies & Human Development)
Cameron Burleson (Natural Resources)
Brianna Burnett (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jillian Cahill (Nutritional Sciences)
Chloe Caldwell (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Nathalie Calixtro (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sierra Campbell (Veterinary Science)
Dana Carbone (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sonja Carlson (Nutritional Sciences)
Katelynn Carroll (Microbiology)
Karly Cass (Family Studies & Human Development)
Faye Cavanaugh (Nutritional Sciences)
Julian Cavell (Natural Resources)
Noelle Champagne (Veterinary Science)
Naomi Chao (Animal Sciences)
Antonio Chavez-Hernandez (Microbiology)
Xiran Chen (Nutrition and Food Systems)
Alex Christensen (Nutritional Sciences)
Kayla Christiansen (Nutritional Sciences)
Ylia Chuffe (Veterinary Science
Holly Clark (Veterinary Science)
Kiana Clarke (Nutritional Sciences)
Lucas Claxton (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sydney Cleavenger (Environmental Sciences)
Katrina Clontz (Biosystems Engineering)
Cassidy Cole (Veterinary Science)
Kaylen Connors (Nutritional Sciences)
Danny Contreras (Microbiology)
Allison Costa (Nutritional Sciences)
Pearl Craig (Nutritional Sciences)
Cheryl Crozier (Family Studies & Human Development)
Shaili Cukierman (Family Studies & Human Development)
Samuel Cummings (Environmental & Water Resource Economics)
Jessica Cusack (Animal Sciences)
Gurbeen Dadiala (Microbiology)
Caitlyn Dagenet (Nutritional Sciences)
Brandon Dahl (Microbiology)
Phuong-Trinh Dao (Family Studies & Human Development)
Neve David (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jeena Davidson (Environmental Sciences)
Jolie DeStephens (Nutritional Sciences)
Analisa Del Grosso (Veterinary Science)
Adam Derrick (Nutritional Sciences)
Kord Dicke (Environmental Sciences)
Tania Do (Veterinary Science)
Sofia Dominguez Yanes (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Angus Donaldson (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Triana Doria (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Brandan Douglas (Microbiology)
Brenna Doyle (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Hazel Eastlack (Microbiology)
Haley Ehmann (Family Studies & Human Development)
Megan Eisengart (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Taylor Elpers (Environmental Sciences)
Rachel Elson (Family Studies & Human Development)
Spencer Etchison (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Sophie Evans (Nutritional Sciences)
Jared Farquhar (Natural Resources)
Alexis Fassette (Personal & Family Financial Planning)
Jesus Felix De Los Reyes (Environmental & Water Resource Economics)
Sofia Fetsis (Microbiology)
Sydney Field (Microbiology)
Sarah Finefrock (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Margaret Freeh (Family Studies & Human Development)
Tamiqua Freeman (Veterinary Science)
Azriella Friedman (Family Studies & Human Development)
Casey Gajewski (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Alexis Garbarczyk (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Noa Garfein (Family Studies & Human Development)
Jennifer Garnica (Nutritional Sciences)
Madalyn Gazo (Nutritional Sciences)
Sarah George (Personal & Family Fin Planning)
David Gieschen (Environmental Sciences)
Autumn Gilbert (Agricultural Tech Management& Education)
Alyssa Glenn (Nutritional Sciences)
Madison Goforth (Microbiology)
Julia Goldman (Family Studies & Human Development)
Alexis Goldstein (Veterinary Science)
Davida Goller (Family Studies & Human Development)
Alexandria Gonzalez (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Jacquelyn Gonzalez (Family Studies & Human Development)
Tarynn Gonzenbach (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sarah Graham (Nutritional Sciences)
Syrena Granado (Family Studies & Human Development)
Sofia Grijalva (Nutritional Sciences)
Helena Grinling (Nutritional Sciences)
Xavia Gutierrez (Veterinary Science)
Paulina Guzman (Nutritional Sciences)
Emily Hall (Veterinary Science)
Hanna Hall (Nutritional Sciences)
Sierra Hansmann (Nutritional Sciences)
Claire Harders (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Sydney Harrison (Biosystems Engineering)
Harmony Hartze (Family Studies & Human Development)
Yuan He (Veterinary Science)
Olivia Healy (Natural Resources)
Isabel Herrera (Veterinary Science)
Alayna Hicks (Environmental Sciences)
Randy Higginson (Microbiology)
Victoria Hoaglin (Veterinary Science)
Colette Hocking (Veterinary Science)
Aysia Holman (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Amber Holmes (Personal & Family Financial Planning)
Hailey Holzer (Family Studies & Human Development)
Autumn Horvat (Natural Resources)
Thomas Howard (Personal & Family Financial Planning)
Halley Hughes (Natural Resources)
Ilana Ichilov (Nutritional Sciences)
Gabriela Inigo (Natural Resources)
Jaden Iniguez (Environmental Sciences)
Caylee Ison (Nutritional Sciences)
Jenna Jackson (Microbiology)
Grace Jacobson (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Samantha Johnson (Veterinary Science)
Anna Jones (Environmental Sciences)
Aaron Judkins (Plant Sciences)
Leslie Jull (Animal Sciences)
Claire Jurecky (Microbiology)
Daphne Karofsky (Family Studies & Human Development)
Ella Kaufman (Environmental Sciences)
Madison Kelly (Family Studies & Human Development)
Ashley Kennedy (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Delaney Kennedy (Veterinary Science)
Sydney Kerman (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Anam Khalid (Nutritional Sciences)
Nicole Kim (Nutritional Sciences)
Katherine Kirk (Nutritional Sciences)
Daniel Knight (Natural Resources)
Romi Konorty (Nutritional Sciences)
Natalie Krug (Veterinary Science)
Garrett Kull (Nutritional Sciences)
Elizabeth LaBate (Microbiology)
Sean Lally (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Ashley Lane (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Mia Lansberg (Family Studies & Human Development)
Rebecca Laurie (Nutritional Sciences)
Bailey Laursen (Veterinary Science)
Lindsay Leegwater (Nutritional Sciences)
Tzirel Leiser (Natural Resources)
Sirena Linton (Nutritional Sciences)
Jake Little (Veterinary Science)
Yilan Liu (Nutritional Sciences)
Ian Long (Nutritional Sciences)
Killer Lopez Felix (Biosystems Engineering)
Ilse Lopez Sanora (Family Studies & Human Development)
Xitlaly Lugo (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Ylora Mievel Lumba (Nutritional Sciences)
Ciara Lundy (Nutritional Sciences)
Julia Luzi (Family Studies & Human Development)
Hannah Lybbert (Nutritional Sciences)
Megan Lynn (Nutritional Sciences)
Carson Macias (Nutritional Sciences)
Christian Mandel (Nutritional Sciences)
Kayley Manuel (Microbiology)
Abrigail Martinez (Family Studies & Human Development)
Gabriella Martinez (Family Studies & Human Development)
Nicholas Martinez (Environmental Sciences)
Quenten Masters (Natural Resources)
Nicholas Matthews (Environmental Sciences)
Madison Maxwell (Veterinary Science)
Lauren McAdams (Family Studies & Human Development)
Hannah McAlister (Veterinary Science)
Kenna McMahan (Nutritional Sciences)
Alyssa McNamara (Nutritional Sciences)
Kendall McPartlin (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Chloe McQueen (Animal Sciences)
Jacob Melcer (Veterinary Science)
Reason Meyer (Family Studies & Human Development)
Olivia Mills (Microbiology)
Nadira Mitchell (Natural Resources)
Cassidy Moore (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Amairany Moreno (Personal & Family Financial Planning)
Richard Morris (Natural Resources)
Bita Mosallai (Family Studies & Human Development)
Christopher Mutch (Veterinary Science)
Bianca Nava (Environmental Sciences)
Lileanna Nazzaro (Veterinary Science)
Grace Newlove (Family Studies & Human Development)
Anh Nguyen (Microbiology)
Steven Nguyen (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Megan Nickerson (Microbiology)
Brianna Nicolson (Veterinary Science)
Gabrielle Nimmo (Family Studies & Human Development)
Teagan Nunnery (Family Studies & Human Development)
Alexander O’Dell (Veterinary Science)
Maggie Orm (Veterinary Science)
Paloma Orozco (Veterinary Science)
Nandita Parekh (Environmental Sciences)
Dalya Parker (Nutritional Sciences)
Zuhaila Parra (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Kamal Patel (Microbiology)
Katie Pecha (Veterinary Science)
Andie Pedersen (Nutritional Sciences)
Jessica Penners (Nutritional Sciences)
Amy Pennington (Veterinary Science)
Bianca Leticia Perez (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Reyna Perez (Family Studies & Human Development)
Kelly Perra (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Makenna Perry (Family Studies & Human Development)
Amanda Probst (Nutritional Sciences)
Krysten Provencio (Nutritional Sciences)
Victoria Ramsay (Sustainable Plant Systems)
Reese Ramsey (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Olivia Reardon (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Allison Reeves (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Melanie Richards (Veterinary Science)
Hannah Riedemann (Environmental Sciences)
Sara Righter (Environmental Sciences)
Daniela Rodriguez (Animal Sciences)
Anna Rogers (Environmental Sciences)
Amaya Romanski (Veterinary Science)
Lauren Rosen (Nutritional Sciences)
Stephanie Rosenberg (Veterinary Science)
Julia Rudolph (Environmental Sciences)
NaRayah Runyon (Agricultural Tech Management & Education)
Sara Sabow (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Joanna Saito (Family Studies & Human Development)
Cristian Salazar De Leon (Plant Sciences)
Sydney Sances (Family Studies & Human Development)
Ashley Schantz (Nutritional Sciences)
Nicole Scherrer (Veterinary Science)
Karli Schmidt (Family Studies & Human Development)
Caroline Schulte (Biosystems Engineering)
Izabele Scovil (Nutritional Sciences)
McKinley Severson (Nutritional Sciences)
Lorenza Sharpe (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Griffin Sherwood (Biosystems Engineering)
Ryan Shipp (Nutritional Sciences)
Monit Shukla (Veterinary Science)
Cierra Smith (Veterinary Science)
Sofia Soliman (Veterinary Science)
Brisa Spears (Family Studies & Human Development)
Preya Stadler (Nutritional Sciences)
Kamryn Strander (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Taylor Strasser (Nutritional Sciences)
Makenzie Stratton (Veterinary Science)
Rylie Summers (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Britney Swiniuch (Natural Resources)
Shams Tariq (Nutritional Sciences)
Kiarra Tarver (Veterinary Science)
Lily Tees (Veterinary Science)
Mia Tomasula (Nutritional Sciences)
Khai Truong (Microbiology)
Camryn Tucker (Family Studies & Human Development)
Renata Tyler (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Skylar Tynan (Nutritional Sciences)
Savannah Van Dyke (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Carlos Villanueva (Nutritional Sciences)
Josie Wakser (Nutritional Sciences)
Dieulange Wampler (Veterinary Science)
Margaret Waskow (Biosystems Analytics & Technology)
Jazmine Weathersby (Nutritional Sciences)
Bailey Weiss (Family Studies & Human Development)
Layni Wells (Veterinary Science)
Claire Westphal (Nutritional Sciences)
Marley Williams (Nutritional Sciences)
Nicole Williams (Natural Resources)
Megan Winston (Retailing & Consumer Science)
Jared Woodrich (Pre-Retailing & Consumer Science)
Lauren Yeager (Enviromental & Water Resource Economics)
Isaac Zarif (Microbiology)
Alanna Zubler (Biosystems Engineering)
Erna von Estorff (Veterinary Science)