New! ALVSCE Employee Resources Website

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

In support of our foundational goal and our desire to continuously improve communication and transparency, we launched a new internal employee resources website on February 19 named Compass: ALSVCE Employee Resources. At, you’ll find that we’ve strived to make it easier for all employees in ALVSCE to find resources, connect, and engage. 

This site is built for all employees in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Arizona Experiment Station and the planned College of Veterinary Medicine.  

If you have recommendations on improvements or additions, please send them to the Compass Project Team through Grapevine – your resource to send questions, comments, and concerns about anything to do with the division – and be sure to include your contact information so the Compass Project Team can follow up with you. 

Visit now 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I find on the new employee resources website (Compass)?  

  • Resources for faculty (awards, promotion, reports, etc.) 
  • Resources for staff and appointed professionals (awards, forms, annual reviews, etc.) 
  • Resources for leaders and supervisors (hiring and onboarding, policies, etc.) 
  • Org charts 
  • Employee directory 
  • Committee websites 
  • Brand and marketing resources 
  • Links to internal newsletters and their archives 
  • Grapevine – your resource to send questions, comments, and concerns about anything to do with the division 
  • All Division Business Services web content, including: 
    • Policies and forms 
    • Reports 
    • Best practices 
    • Data Solutions Team 
    • Rates & Review 
    • Federal Property 
  • Links to useful campus resources, like Parking & Transportation, desktop support and IT, meeting rooms and event-planning needs. 
  • Guide to acronyms used across the division 

How do I access Compass?  

Visit and bookmark the site so you can get to it easily in future. You will not need to log in to the site but some of the resources are available to employees only so will require NetID credentials. A good deal of the content is accessible to the public, so feel free to provide this link when recruiting employees so they can learn more about our division. 

How can I request something be added to or an error be corrected on the site?  

Please let us know using Grapevine. The Compass Project Team will be making periodic updates to the site and adding new content. If you find information on something that has changed or a broken link, do let us know. We appreciate your help in making this a useful tool for all! 

Why do we need an employee resources site?  

Compass makes it easier for employees to find resources, connect, and engage all in one place through improved organization of information. Additionally, by creating a site dedicated to employee resources, we can maximize the student focus of the CALS main website with more tailored messaging to support student recruitment and retention. 

Isn’t some of this content already on the CALS website? Will that content be going away? 

We have moved employee-facing content to Compass to make it easier for employees to find what they need. Our goal is also to make the CALS website easier for students, parents, alumni, prospective donors and the public to use. We’ll use redirect links through the end of this semester to get you to the Compass site, and then that content will be removed from the CALS website. Be sure to revise any bookmarks you have for pages you visit often. 

Who was involved in putting this together? 

The Compass Project Team included Brian Berrellez, Mary Carroll, Gavin Ng, Heather Roberts-Wrenn, Bethany Rutledge, Amy Soper, and Jennifer Yamnitz. CCT Web Development provided technical expertise and ongoing support. Early in the development, we met with Division Business Services, the Staff Council and the Appointed Professionals Council, and asked to meet in-person with the Faculty Council, to get their ideas and input on content, resources that would be critical to include and new resources that would be useful to you.  

Why is it called Compass? 

In early 2018, we polled all employees for a great name and Compass rose to the top of the survey results. We think it’s symbolic of helping employees navigate all the resources, policies, forms and other tools that will help them succeed.