Linking GeoEAS output to shapefiles
for ArcView displays 

We use ordinary block kriging in GeoEAS for surface interpolation.  An example of how to display GeoEAS output of a kriged surface map  using the GeoEAS program "Postplot" has been provided in a previous page.   The procedure for displaying the GeoEAS output  in ArcView is explained in four steps:

A.  Importing the output from GeoEAS kriging into an MS ACCESS database.

B.  Creating an ArcView polygon shapefile to match the grid specifications of the output from GeoEAS kriging.

C.  Using an MS ACCESS query to link the x and y coordinates of the GeoEAS output to the x and y coordinates of the ArcView shapefile and exporting the result as a dbf file.

D.  Importing the dbf file described in C above into an ArcView project to link with the polygon shapefile and displaying the results on an ArcView map.

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