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Herring Hall - Renovation
Overview, Changes
Corner before renovation

A Feasibility Study done in 1999 by the Architecture firm of Burns and Wald-Hopkins determined that the building was capable of undergoing a complete rehabilitation to allow adaptive re-use of the structure and continue its useful and graceful presence on campus for many more decades. M3 Engineering and Technology Corporation and Tucson Building and Remodeling, Inc. provided the design and construction services.

Funding for the Herring Hall Rehabilitation project was provided by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


Artists rendention of completed project

Upon Completion, Herring Hall will have undergone a comprehensive restoration and makeover, incorporating elements from the original design of the bulding with modern renovations.
 What was done
On March 30, 1903, ground was broken for construction of Herring Hall. Remarkably, on July 7, 1903, Herring Hall was completed. In its one hundred and first year, a new Herring Hall will be opened which will have undergone a major renovation so as to bring the building in to the 21st century, yet retain and restore elements from the original 1903 construction and design.
-Entrance door and archway restored
-Modern electrial, heating, cooling and ventilation, and telecommunications added
-Original 1903 floors removed and replaced with modern flooring
-Three story steel structure constructed inside the original frame
-Additional 4 feet (vertical) added to the basement
-True foundation laid, rather than cemented rock on dirt base

View images of the construction.
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