Young Achiever Award 2003 - Amy Louise Wiles Chandler

Young Achiever Award 2003 - Amy Louise Wiles Chandler

Amy Louise Wiles Chandler Tucson native Amy Chandler earned all three of her degrees from the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona in Family Studies and Human Development. Her B.S. was awarded in 1992, her M.S. in 1995 and her Ph.D. in 2001. Currently Dr. Chandler is Assistant Director, Student Services, UA SFCS. She advises 378 undergraduate students and is a faculty member in FSHD Development. Selfless in her work as an advisor to FSHD students, she expends much of her energy encouraging and mentoring her students in a sensitive and compassionate manner. At the recent College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Convocation Amy received the A+ Advisor Award for her outstanding work in advising her students.

Amy’s research publications and conference presentations relate to depression and perceived quality of life at midlife and daily child-related stresses of parents during middle adulthood. In addition to her role in service to students, Amy serves as faculty advisor to the FSHD Ambassadors, a student organization she created that seeks to educate students about the opportunities available at the SFCS. The goal of the Ambassadors program is to produce graduates who are committed to serving the community through outreach, involvement and scholarship. Through her guidance and leadership, the organization serves as a resource that helps to strengthen the link between the University and the community. Amy’s tireless and invigorating approach to these and all challenges, positions her as role model among all who know her.

Amy and her husband Rocky are the proud parents of three children, all who attended the University of Arizona. She hopes that her two grandchildren will follow their parent’s example. Amy’s highest priority is to help students realize their maximum potential as they embark on careers related to family studies, family and consumer sciences education and retailing and consumer sciences.

Amy is also the recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Faculty Award.

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