Adam Clark, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Practice
Family Studies and Human Development
650 N Park Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0078
(520) 621-9573

At the end of my sophomore year at Brigham Young University, I was faced with an important decision. My academic "Plan A" was to get into BYU's highly competetive animation program. But with about a 10% acceptance rate, I knew I needed a Plan B. So I enrolled in a family studies course for the following Fall semester to see if that might spark an interest and lead to something. I ended up falling in love with the subject matter and dedicated myself to studying families and relationships.

After completing my master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I decided that I wanted to focus more on teaching young people principles of successful relationships. To borrow a phrase from one of my MFT instructors, I wanted to work upstream where the waters were still clear and hopefully keep them that way.

Areas of Expertise

Marital relationships

Family dynamics

Marriage and family therapy

Subjects Taught

FSHD 237: Close Relationships

FSHD 257: Family Dynamics

FSHD 405: Intro to Counseling Theories

FSHD 487: Advanced Family Dynamics (focusing on theories of family studies)

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