FSHD Thematic Minor

FSHD Thematic Minors:

FSHD Thematic Minors are intended for students who are FSHD  majors

Thematic minors are popular options for students majoring in FSHD, since all FSHD majors are required to complete a minor. Thematic minors are developed around a theme identified by the student, using courses from two or more disciplines. FSHD advisors must approve all thematic minors. 

Please  use our Thematic Minor Handbook to review thematic minor requirements and policies, and to read information regarding how to declare your thematic minor with your FSHD advisor. This packet also has a detailed list of courses related to the following themes:

  • Counseling
  • ​Education
  • Health
  • Social Work, Pre Law, and Policy

​For further information and to print the Thematic Minor Form, visit the following website: 
Thematic Minor Information

You can also download the follwing Thematic Minor form and begin filling in your minor course selections electronically. This is an easy way to keep an updated list of your minor courses, and allows you to easily change courses around as you find new, intersting classes that you would like to use for your minor: Thematic Minor Fillable Form


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