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Spring 2020 Dates and Deadlines

View Full List of Dates and Deadlines Here
     Snapshot of Important Dates & Deadlines for Regularly Scheduled 15 Week Courses:
     January 22: Last day to use UAccess for adding classes. 
     January 28 Last day to drop a class without a W
     February 12: Last dayto file for a GRO 
     March 31: Last day to withdraw using UAccess.  

Registration Information

Registration for Summer and Fall 2020 will begin in April!

     View List of FSHD Summer and Fall 2020 Course Offerings Here

  • Starting March 1st, the Summer and Fall schedule of classes will be available, and shopping carts will become available for planning your courses
  • Starting March 23rd, your priority registration date for Fall 2020 will be listed on your Student Center, on the right sidebar under Enrollment Appointment. Remember that your enrollment date is based on your class standing, which is based on units completed as of the beginning of this semester, not how many years you’ve been a student. Remember that your erollment appointment will begin on your assigned date, and registration will remain open to you until the first week of the spring semester! 
  • All students can enroll in Summer courses beginning April 6th
  • Take care of any holds that will restrict you from registering! You can find information about your holds on the right side (at the top) of your student center. 
  • Unit Limit: Students may add a maximum of 19 units for a fall or spring semester course load. Students must request permission from their academic advisor to enroll more than19 units. Summer and winter sessions have different maximum units that are allowed - View Maximum Number of Units Allowed Per Semester

Open Registration:

  • Open registration begins April 23rd 
    • When registering for courses like SOC 101, PSY 230, PSY 290A, or many other courses outside of the FSHD department, you may be unable to register during your priority registration week. This is also true for any SOC, PSY, CHS, etc. classes you may want to take for a thematic minor. These courses are often restricted to students majoring in these areas. If unable to register, you can try to enroll in these courses beginning on or around April 23rd.
    • If interested in enrolling in Statistics or Research Methods through the Sociology Department (SOC 374 or SOC 375), you will need to get permission from the Sociology Department in Social Sciences Room 400, or by calling 520 621-3531.

Additional Registration Reminders:

  • Reminder about FSHD Biology & Life Science Courses:
    • NSC 301: Nutrition and the Life Cycle, is typically available to non-nutrition majors in the summer
    • NSC 310: Principles of Human Nutrition in Health and Disease, is typically available to non-nutrition majors in the summer and fall
    • TLS 201: Using Physical Activity to Explore the Human Body - this is a newer course that can count toward the FSHD Biology and Life Science requirement for FSHD.
    • *Remember, courses used to fulfill the FSHD Bio & Life Science requirement cannot also be used to fulfill Tier I or Tier II Natural Science requirements for general education

Enrolling in FSHD Applied Skills Courses:

  • Complete the necessary applications and submit them to Student Services, McClelland Park 203 for review and to get enrolled in your units.
  • Practicum is offered in the summer (open to both FSHD pre-majors and majors)
  • Internship is offered in the fall and spring (open to FSHD majors only)
  • The priority date for both of these applications is always the last day of classes before the semester you intend to enroll in the course. 
  • Research and Preceptor opportunities are also offered in the fall and spring

Applications and Information about Applied Skills courses can be found here:
Research, Internship, Practicum:
Preceptorship: /fcs/fshd/advising/forms

FSHD Yuma Courses

All FSHD courses that are part of the Yuma Distance Program are only available to students who are part of our FSHD distance program, and therefore we cannot give consent for these classes. Please view the image below: when you see a course that has the following information listed under class details, we cannot give you consent for these classes. You need to look for courses that are offered in Tucson, and at the Main University of Arizona Campus. 


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