"Sitting in a classroom and actively listening to a professor lecture is one thing, but gaining the hands-on experience a practicum can provide is beyond anything you will ever learn in a normal, everyday classroom setting." FSHD student 2010 


If you are a interested in an FSHD Practicum:

Read the Practicum Handbook

Identify an Internship Site you would like to work for

Connect with a potential site supervisor (this may be the volunteer coordinator at the site) and discuss a possible internship. You may also want to share the Community Partner Handbook.

Complete the Practicum Work Plan with your site supervisor

Sumbit your completed application to Student Services Center, McClelland Park, Room 203.


The deadline for Applications for Summer 2019 is May 5th before 4:30pm


If you are a Community Partner interested in working with an FSHD practica student, here are some forms that may be useful:


Student Practicum Handbook.pdf

Institutes and Centers

The University of Arizona