About the Norton School

a. Mission and Vision Statements 

The Mission of the John and Doris Norton School is to provide high-quality instruction, research, and extension and outreach activities that will strengthen families, communities and the marketplace.
The Vision of the John and Doris Norton School is to create the nation’s premier School of Family and Consumer Sciences and offer the best environment for learning, discovering new ideas, and applying knowledge.


b. Core Values
• A diverse and inclusive community
• Excellence and integrity
• Innovation, partnership, and entrepreneurship


c. Administration Structure

d. School Facts (as of 2010-11)
  • Student Enrollment (Graduate and Undergraduate Students):
• 1,000 students enrolled including 971 Undergraduates and 38 Graduates
  • Norton School has approximately 100 payroll employees consisting of:
• 20 Tenured/Tenure-track faculty
• 27 Appointed Personnel
• 20 Classified Staff
• 30 Graduate Student Employees
  • For FY 2010 there are $8 million in active sponsored projects and another $8 million pending for FY 2011
e. People List
• Norton School Directory – Appendix 1


f. Where to Go/Whom to See – Norton School Central Administration
Administrative Support
Julie Longstaff, Program Coordinator Senior (jules@email.arizona.edu or 621.7147) – Administrative support, development issues, faculty needs, room/building access
Camille Hooper, Administrative Assistant (camillehooper@email.arizona.edu or 621.1075) – Faculty assistance, room reservations, supply ordering and maintenance issues

Business Office (busofc_fcs@cals.arizona.edu)
Paige Jacobson, Business Manager Senior (paige@email.arizona.edu or 621.7142) – All business related issues to include budgets, hiring, proposals and grants
Gina McCann, Accountant (gmccann@email.arizona.edu or 621.5801) – Payroll, travel and reimbursements

Information Technology (fcstech@cals.arizona.edu)
Robert Lanza, Information Technology Support Analyst, Principal (Lanza@email.arizona.edu or 621.1690) – IT, web, and computer access
Adam Katz, Systems Administrator (katz1@email.arizona.edu or 621.1987) – User support, IT and computer access
Marketing and Communications
Kimberley Brooke, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications (kbrooke@email.arizona.edu or 626.7952) – Internal and external communications; marketing, and outreach; media and public relations; promotional materials and other collateral

Institutes and Centers

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