New Mobile App for Youth Development Professionals

The Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth and Families is pleased to announce the launch of our first mobile app called POSTER 4YD which is now officially available for download on the Apple store. We are so excited to have the first phase of this app finished and available for Out of School Time and Youth Care professionals to use.

Positive Out of School Time Enrichment Resources 4 Youth Development (POSTER 4YD) is an app designed for Out of School Time professionals with the goal of increasing program quality through a variety of tools and resources based on Positive Youth Development best practices. Tools and resources include a self-assessment, modules, scenarios, quizzes, and much more! With the development of a mobile platform, more youth care professionals can access the proper tools, resources, and professional development opportunities needed to increase program quality, while investing in their own development as youth care professionals. 

POSTER 4YD was created out of the originally funded ASPIRE (After School Program Innovation Reflection and Education) Project, which was funded by the Virginia G. Piper Foundation, and designed to offer after school and youth development programs professional development and coaching aimed at improving program quality and supporting the skill development of professionals working with young people. The POSTER 4YD app is the final product from the grant, aimed at creating a sustainable product that allows youth development programs to continue to access the resources and tools originally provided to them through the ASPIRE Project in an accessible and cost-effective way.

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