Registration Information

Fall 2019 Priority Registration 

  • Registration for Summer will begin on April 1st at 6am for all students
  • See Enrollment Dates for more information 
  • The Schedule of Classes for Spring classes will be available beginning March 1, 2019
  • Your priority registration date for Fall 2019 will be listed on your Student Center, on the right sidebar under Enrollment Appointment beginning March 20th.  Remember that your enrollment date is based on your class standing, which is based on units completed as of the beginning of this semester, not how many years you’ve been a student. You need 30 units for Sophomore, 60 units for Junior, 90 units for Senior. 
  • Registration will open on your enrollment appointment date and will remain open until the Fall 2019 semester begins
  • Unit Limit: During priority registration, students may enroll in a maximum of 16 units. Students in the Honors College can enroll in 19 units during their priority registration week. 
  • Take care of any holds that will restrict you from registering! Advisors cannot override financial holds or save seats for you if you have holds on your account. 

Enrolling in RCSC Courses

  • RCSC 214, and/or RCSC 216, RCSC 216A, RCSC 295A

    • Students do not enroll via UAccess. Fill out a permission form, and if requirements have been met, you will be enrolled at the end of the semester. Note that pre-requisites must be complete, not in progress, so you may need to wait until the end of the semester (or after summer courses are complete) to fill out the form. 
  • RCSC 304, 340, 384, and 300-level elective

    • These courses are open to students in their first semester of the RCSC major. If you are applying for progression this semester, you must wait until you are admitted (after the end of semester) to enroll in these courses.
    • Click here to view RCSC Course Offerings
  • RCSC 315, 400, and 400-level elective

    • These courses are open to students in their second semester of the RCSC major and beyond. 
  • Non-RCSC courses for RCSC Pre-Major

    • For ACCT 250 if you complete this Google Form prior to October 25th, you will be pre-enrolled in the course (make sure you have no holds on your UAccess to guarantee enrollment). After October 25th, you will just enroll during priority registration if there is availabiltiy in the course. If the course is full, you can go to the class on the first day to get on a request list.  
    • PSY 230 and PSY 290A are only open to Psychology majors during priority registration. These courses will open to all students after priority registration ends.
    • SOC 375 and SOC 374 require department consent for non-Sociology majors. See the department office in Social Sciences, Room 400, for assistance. 
    • ACBS 446/447: These courses are restricted to their majors during priority registration, if there are seats available after priority registration ends you will be able to enroll yourself.

Why Can't I Enroll in...?

If you're having trouble enrolling in a class that is not listed above, please read the error message carefully before asking an advisor, and check the following items. Be sure to click on the class section, and review Enrollment Information and Class Notes.

  • Is the class full?
  • Does the class require you to be a certain major/minor/class standing?
  • Do you need a placement for the class?
  • Does the class require certain pre-requisites?
  • Is there a time conflict with a class in which you're already enrolled?
  • Are you exceeding the unit limit? (see above)


If the class is not RCSC or FCSC, please refer your questions to the course's department (i.e. MATH, SPAN, etc.) and not to your major advisor. 

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