RCSC Internship Program

Today’s employers are seeking strong academic performance, leadership abilities, and tangible evidence of on-the-job skills among their future employees. Completing an internship that offers an in-depth examination of specific retail positions and businesses enhances your chance of landing a job upon graduation. The RCSC program offers you an opportunity to complete a paid internship for academic credit that counts towards the units you need for graduation.

If you have any questions regarding completing and internship for an upcoming semester, please contact the RCSC Internship Coordinator, Liz Marsalla at eakelly2@arizona.edu or using our Online Form with specific questions.


RCSC Internship Policy Handbook https://cals.arizona.edu/fcs/sites/cals.arizona.edu.fcs/files/RCSC-Internship-Policy-Handbook.pdf

Before applying, please review the Retailing and Consumer Science Internship Policy Handbook, which includes how to apply, what qualifies for credit and how it applies to your degree program, how much academic credit will cost and important frequently asked questions.

RCSC Internship Portal https://cals.arizona.edu/fcs/rcsc/undergraduate/internship-portal

To apply for credit for an upcoming semester, start by building your profile in the RCSC Internship Portal and complete the required documents.


Important Documents for Summer 2021 Interns

UA Internship Policies & Guidelines PDF
Internship Policy FAQ's PDF
COVID Assessment Form (Fillable) PDF

Internship Work Plan Form - Fillable PDF
Internship Work Plan Form - Customize Word
Specifics about the Internship Work Plan - Please read for more information

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