anticipating the future - a short course
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

This is a window into a more comprehensive course "anticipating the future" that can be used as a quick self study short course. There are about 20-40 pages of material depending if you print the primary pages only or everything (and the font settings on your browser). Links at the bottom will take you to the full course for additional exploring. This short course can be used as a refresher on futures studies or as an quick introduction to the subject if your primary interest is strategic planning or an assessment of near term possible futures for specific subject areas.

1. Overview and suggested learning framework
Summary of what is on this site and how to use it
Futures in a nutshell
Brief book reviews
The big picture (relating futures to planning and assessment)
A short overview of approaches and tools
2. Techniques and approaches
Futures Techniques (brief summaries of 15 techniques)
Building blocks - paradigms, driving forces, trends
Short listing of data sources for driving forces and trends
Understanding what you don't know, uncertainties, and change
Putting it all together - scenarios and the big picture
3. Examples and sites to explore
Examples of futures studies
Futures organizations
Futures relevant web sites
Reference subjects and libraries
A range of different sites for your exploring pleasure
My views (Roger Caldwell)
4. Want more detail? Move to the full course on Anticipating the Future
Home page - key areas and quick links
Site map
Feedback for making improvements in the short course would be appreciated.

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Prepared by Roger L. Caldwell