Herbarium Lunch

Herbarium Lunch is our fun, informal and informative series of lunch hour talks on plants, plant research, plant-related travel, and more. Speakers are herbarium staff, researchers or volunteers, or are recruited from the university at large or the diverse Tucson community of people interested in plants.

Herbarium Lunch talks are held in the public area of Herring Hall on Thursdays, from 12 noon to 1 pm.

Want to give a presentation, or know of somebody who would like to be added to the UA Herbarium Listserv? Contact Shelley McMahon.

We are delighted to announce the Herbarium Lunch speakers for Spring 2023!

Spring 2023:
Feb 2: Lyn Loveless: “The Natural History of Coralbean in Arizona.”
Feb 9: Cindy Salo: “Of Cheatgrass, Cutworms, and Bears.”
Feb 16: Sue Carnahan & Curtis Smith: “Megaherbs and the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia.”
Feb 23: Jesús Garcia: “Tasting History: The Kino Heritage Fruit Trees Project and the Mission Garden.”
Mar 2: no talk scheduled
Mar 9: Spring Break no talk scheduled
Mar 16: Jim Verrier: “"The distribution and abiotic drivers of subtropical plant taxa in the U.S. sky island region: Identifying hotspots of conservation significance with an aggregation of peripheral species."
Mar 23: Douglas Ripley: “Exploring the culture, history, and environment of the Middle Kingdom (China) by river boat, air, land, and pedicab."
Mar 30: Michael Kotutwa Johnson: "Hopi Farming: 2000 Years of Adaptation"
Apr 6: Rachel Mitchell: "Can we use plant maternal environment to source resilient seeds for restoration?”
Apr 13: Perin McNelis: "A Case for Expanded Production of Farmed Native Seed to Fill Growing Regional Seed Needs for Landscape Scale Restoration."
Apr 20: Julia Fonseca: “Megadrought in the Cienega Creek Natural Preserve.”
Apr 27: Lindy Brigham: "Plagiobothrys arizonicus: outstanding in the field of Borage."
May 4: Alberto Búrquez Montijo: TBA