Herbarium Lunch

Herbarium Lunch is our fun, informal and informative series of lunch hour talks on plants, plant research, and plant-related travel. Speakers are herbarium staff, researchers or volunteers, or are recruited from the university at large or the diverse Tucson community of people interested in plants.

Herbarium Lunch talks are held in the public area of Herring Hall on Thursdays, from 12 noon to 1 pm. Feel free to bring your lunch.

Want to give a presentation, or know of somebody who would like to be added to the UA Herbarium Listserv? Contact Shelley McMahon.

Spring 2018 Schedule

Thursday Feb 1: Special Kick-off Event - Matilda Essig artwork: “Bouteloua mysteriosa”
Thursday Feb 8: Michael Donoghue - “Fun facts about some rare plants on campus — putting your viburnums in perspective.”
Thursday Feb 15: Legume keying
Thursday Feb 22: Jim Verrier – “Examining spatial relationship between animal trails and patterns of 
buffelgrass establishment: a preliminary investigation.”
Thursday Mar 1: Erica Newman - “How natural disturbance structures plant communities: a macroecological study in a Bishop Pine forest.”
Thursday Mar 15: Gela Martinez - "Resilience of tropical dry forest productivity to two hurricanes of different intensity in western Mexico"
Thursday Mar 22: Matt Johnson - "Cacti of the Chihuahuan Desert Region"
Thursday Mar 29: Doug Ripley - "Sixty Degrees North Latitude: A Brief View of the Flora and Fauna Observed on an Arctic Cruise."
Thursday Apr 5: David Hembry - "North American leafflowers (Phyllanthaceae: Phyllanthus spp.) and what they tell us about the coevolution of leafflowers with leafflower moths (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae: Epicephala spp.) globally"
Thursday Apr 12: Kai Lepley - “Plant Functional Traits in Andean Grasslands of Peru.”
Thursday Apr 19: Cancelled
Thursday Apr 26: Shelley McMahon - “Phylogenomics of columnar cacti.”
Thursday May 3:

Fall 2017 Schedule

Thursday Sep 21: Tom Van Devender - Succulents of coastal Sonora
Thursday Sep 28: Ron Coleman - The Cypripedium orchids of the United States and Canada
Thursday Oct 5: Karen Adams - Building a Case for Ancient Plant Domestication/Management: Little Barley (Hordeum pusillum) and A Wild Potato (Solanum Jamesii)
Thursday Oct 12: Sue Carnahan, Richard Felger - New Flora of Nacapule Canyon, Sonora.
Thursday Oct 19: Erin Riordan - Using species distribution models with climate change scenarios to aid ecological restoration in southern California shrublands
Thursday Oct 26:
Thursday Nov 2: Rob Robichaux - Silverswords and lobeliads: restoring Hawaiʻi's marvels of evolution
Thursday Nov 9: Pinau Merlin - Lifestyles of Parasitic Plants
Thursday Nov 16: John Scheuring - Two short presentations: "Saving the Coronado Forest "Crown Jewel" canyons from Fountaingrass suffocation" and "Globe Chamomile raises its ugly head in Arizona"
Thursday Nov 23: No talk - Happy Thanksgiving!
Thursday Nov 30: David Hembry - Phyllanthus
Thursday Dec 7: ARIZ Annual Holiday Party!