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Shelley McMahon - Herbarium Director

Shelley McMahon, Herbarium Director and Associate Research Professor in the School of Plant Sciences, studies large-scale phylogenetic analysis and plant systematics. She has studied the Amorpheae, a group of c. 240 New World arid/semi-arid species of papilionoid legumes, which includes Dalea, Marina, Psorothamnus, and Amorpha. Her interests include the evolution of variation in floral morphology among lineages, as well as developmental morphology. She also works on phylogenetic methodology, including techniques for large-scale phylogenetics and assembling the Tree of Life with multi-locus molecular data. She teaches "Plant Systematics" for undergraduate and graduate students and "Practical Computing for the Biosciences" for graduate students.

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George Ferguson - Senior Curatorial Specialist

George Ferguson, collections manager at ARIZ, is affiliated with the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and was Laboratory Coordinator for the introductory biology and genetics classes for many years, presently herbarium Curatorial Specialist, since 2013. His interest in botany formally began at Duke as an undergraduate. Being a native Texan, he chose graduate programs at Texas A&M and UTEP, studying the phylogenetics and ecology of a group of Mexican Sceloporus lizards for his thesis; the field work did not ignore the plants, and he began cataloging botanical specimens. He has taught biology classes at El Paso Community College and worked summers as ranger-naturalist in the national parks, at Carlsbad Caverns, and later at Grand Canyon’s North and South Rims. His focus in the floras and faunas of the borderlands, the Chihuahuan and Sonoran Desert regions, and Sierra Madres has led him on a number of expeditions, notably those which formulated the reissue of Gentry’s Rio Mayo Plants, where he authored the Pinaceae section (UA Press 1998), and coauthored the conifers chapter in The Trees of Sonora, Mexico (Oxford U. Press 2001). He continues field work on pines, and participates in the Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment surveys, with recent explorations to sky islands in Sonora. His publications include coauthoring Biogeography and Diversity of Pines in the Madrean Archipelago (2013), and Preliminary Flora of the Sierra Bacadéhuachi, Sonora, Mexico (2013) both in USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station Proceedings RMRS-P-67, and authored a report submitted to the U.S. Forest Service (2014), Graptopetalum bartramii Habitat Assessment and Census Inventory in Arizona.

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Mima Falk

Mima is a plant ecologist who worked for 30 years for various Federal agencies in California and Arizona. She is retired and joined the herbarium staff in 2014. Working in the herbarium is a gift because it allows her to continue learning about plants and interacting with the public. When not at work, she enjoys reading, designing and making stained glass windows, gardening and cooking.

Associated Researchers and Taxonomic Specialists

David Bertelsen ( Plants of southeastern Arizona

Susan Davis Carnahan( Plant Atlas Project of Arizona, Flora of the Guaymas region

Richard Felger ( Sonoran Desert and Southwest borderlands, ethnobotany, and new aridland crops

George Ferguson ( Conifers

Edward Gilbert ( Biodiversity informatics and SEINET

Stephen Hale ( Plants of Sonora

Gene Hall ( Sonoran Desert Arthropods and Plants

Ries Lindley ( Sphaeralcea, Acmispon

Kathryn Mauz: Arizona flora, historic botany

Anthony Mendoza ( Plants of Colombia,
Plant Atlas of Arizona

Ana Lilia Reina ( Plants of Sonora

Iris Rodden ( Southern Arizona Floristics

Greg Starr ( Agaves

Tom Van Devender ( / Director of Biodiversity Programs at, Madrean Discovery Expeditions

Jim Verrier ( An Annotated Flora of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Ben Wilder ( Botanist & ecologist, esp. plants of Sonora; see "Student Employees Emeritus", below

David Yetman ( Ethnobotanist