Biotechnology Laboratory

PLS 340L
2 Units
Samantha Orchard
The course is designed to give students laboratory experience with the wide array of techniques that are used in various areas of biotechnology including the use and trouble-shooting of standard laboratory equipment. This laboratory course will focus on the techniques necessary to study the model organisms. Specifically, the labs will focus on techniques used in microbial (viral, bacteria and fungi) and plant biotechnology, somatic cell fusions, regeneration, plasmid construction and transformation and transfection with several technologies, mutagenesis including mutant identification and characterization, protein characterization, high-throughput screens and sequence analysis. Each laboratory session will include a short introduction to the material followed by considerable time in the laboratory. The course will focus on techniques in the first half and on an individual or group project in the second half. Additional techniques will be introduced in the second half of the course.