Dennis T. Ray

University Distinguished Professor - The School of Plant Sciences, Arid Lands Studies
Forbes 415
(520) 621-7612 / (520) 621-2817 (Lab)

Educational Background

  • B.S. Zoology University of Arizona 1970
  • M.S. Zoology University of Arizona 1974
  • Ph.D. Genetics University of Arizona 1981

Research Interests

Evaluate New Crops and Products for Cultivation and Processing in Arid Environments

Selected Publications

  • Teetor, V. H., Duclos, D. V., Wittenberg, E. T., Young, K. M., Chawhuaymak, J., Riley, M. R., Ray, D. T. 2011. Effects of planting date on sugar and ethanol yield of sweet sorghum grown in Arizona. Industrial Crops and Products 34: 1293-1300.
  • Dierig, D. A., Wang, G., McCloskey, W. B., Thorp, K., Isbell, T. A., Ray, D. T., Foster, M. A. 2011. Lesquerella: New Crop Development and Commercialization in the U. S. Industrial Crops and Products 34: 1381-1385.
  • Ray, D. T., M. A. Foster, T. A. Coffelt, and C. McMahan. 2010. B. Singh (Ed.) Guayule a rubber-producing plant. Chapter 18:384-410, “Industrial Crops and Uses,” CABI .
  • Coffelt, T. A., Ray, D. T. 2010. Cutting height effects on guayule latex, rubber, and resin yields. Industrial Crops and Products 32: 264-268.
  • Dierig D.A. and Ray D.T. 2009. New Crops Breeding: Lesquerella. J. Vollmann, I. Rajean (Eds.) Oil Crops, Handbook of Plant Breeding 4, Chapter 19: 507-548, Springer Scientific Publishing House (New York/Berlin)
  • Teetor, V. H., Ray, D. T., Schloman, W. W., Jr. 2009. Evaluating Chemical Indices of Guayule Rubber Content: Guayulins A and B. Industrial Crops and Products 29: 590-598.
  • Coffelt, T. A., Nakayama, F. S., Ray, D. T., Cornish, K., McMahan, C. M. 2009. Post-harvest storage effects on guayule latex, rubber, and resin contents and yields. Industrial Crops and Products Industrial Crops and Products 29: 326-335.
  • Jorge, M. H. A., M. E. Veatch-Blohm and D. T. Ray. 2007. Quality of guayule seed separated by physical attributes. Industrial Crops and Products 25: 55-62.
  • Veatch-Blohm, M. E., D.T. Ray, and A. Gehrels. 2007. Night temperature, rubber production, and carbon exchange in guayule. Industrial Crops and Products 25:34-43.
  • Ray, D. T., Veatch-Blohm, M. E., Teetor, V. H., Walsh, B., 2007. Upper and lower heritability estimates in guayule based on mode of reproduction. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 132: 213-218.
  • Jorge, M. H. A., Veatch-Blohm, M. E. Ray, D. T. and Foster, M. A. 2006. Guayule seed germination under different conditioning treatments. Industrial Crops and Products 24: 60–65.
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  • Veatch-Blohm, M. E. and D. T. Ray. 2005. Water stress effects on rubber concentration and rubber distribution in guayule. In M. J. Pascual-Villalobos, F. S. Nakayama, C. A. Bailey, E. Correal and W. W. Schloman, Jr. (Eds.) Industrial Crops and Rural Development, p. 607-617.
  • Thompson, A. E. and D. T. Ray. 1989. Breeding guayule. In Janick, J. (ed.) Plant Breeding Reviews 6:93-165.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Plants and Our World, Pl S 170C1
  • First Year Colloquium, Pl S 195A, How will we feed and clothe 9-billion people in 2050?
  • Animal and Plant Genetics, Pl S 312
  • Senior Capstone Course, Pl S 498

Areas of Research

  • Crop and Horticultural Management and Production
  • Genetics and Epigenetics