Dennis T. Ray

University Distinguished Professor - School of Plant Sciences, Arid Lands Studies
520-621-7612 / 520-621-2817 (Lab)

Educational Background

  • B.S. Zoology University of Arizona 1970
  • M.S. Zoology University of Arizona 1974
  • Ph.D. Genetics University of Arizona 1981

Research Interests

  • Evaluate New Crops and Products for Cultivation and Processing in Arid Environments

Selected Publications

Teetor, V. H., Duclos, D. V., Wittenberg, E. T., Young, K. M., Chawhuaymak, J., Riley, M. R., Ray, D. T. 2011. Effects of planting date on sugar and ethanol yield of sweet sorghum grown in Arizona. Industrial Crops and Products 34: 1293-1300.
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Ray, D. T., M. A. Foster, T. A. Coffelt, and C. McMahan. 2010. B. Singh (Ed.) Guayule a rubber-producing plant. Chapter 18:384-410, “Industrial Crops and Uses,” CABI .
Coffelt, T. A., Ray, D. T. 2010. Cutting height effects on guayule latex, rubber, and resin yields. Industrial Crops and Products 32: 264-268.
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Coffelt, T. A., Nakayama, F. S., Ray, D. T., Cornish, K., McMahan, C. M. 2009. Post-harvest storage effects on guayule latex, rubber, and resin contents and yields. Industrial Crops and Products Industrial Crops and Products 29: 326-335.
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Veatch-Blohm, M. E., D.T. Ray, and A. Gehrels. 2007. Night temperature, rubber production, and carbon exchange in guayule. Industrial Crops and Products 25:34-43.
Ray, D. T., Veatch-Blohm, M. E., Teetor, V. H., Walsh, B., 2007. Upper and lower heritability estimates in guayule based on mode of reproduction. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 132: 213-218.
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Veatch-Blohm, M. E. and D. T. Ray. 2005. Water stress effects on rubber concentration and rubber distribution in guayule. In M. J. Pascual-Villalobos, F. S. Nakayama, C. A. Bailey, E. Correal and W. W. Schloman, Jr. (Eds.) Industrial Crops and Rural Development, p. 607-617.
Thompson, A. E. and D. T. Ray. 1989. Breeding guayule. In Janick, J. (ed.) Plant Breeding Reviews 6:93-165.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Plants and Our World, Pl S 170C1
  • First Year Colloquium, Pl S 195A, How will we feed and clothe 9-billion people in 2050?
  • Animal and Plant Genetics, Pl S 312
  • Senior Capstone Course, Pl S 498

Research Areas

  • Crop and Horticultural Management and Production
  • Genetics and Epigenetics